prevent theft with video surveillance monitoring

Theft is an unfortunate reality of life and it is a costly reality for business owners, landlords, and property managers. 

In 2019 it was estimated that over $420,000,000 worth of office equipment was lost to theft. The theft of vehicles, equipment, copper components from HVAC systems, and so on, had up to many millions of dollars in loss each year.

The Need for Surveillance Security Monitoring

When property is stolen or damaged, everyone loses. Tenants, owners, landlords, and managers alike suffer financially. And theft continues to occur at commercial properties every day.

Property crimes of all types occur every day. In 2019, there were more than 6.9 million reported property crime cases nationwide. And, in 2019, an estimated 1.12 million reported burglary cases occurred in the United States. That’s more than 3,000 break-ins and thefts each day across the country.

And these numbers do not include theft of property outside of buildings. 

According to Commercial Property Advisors,

“It’s inevitable, many commercial real estate investors run into the issue of theft and property damage. Theft of copper, products within the buildings, and even vandalism is common in commercial real estate. Aside from the financial loss you could incur, there are many other reasons you should take high precautions in guarding your commercial real estate. Adding protection by surveillance can add to the value in your property as well as a more content tenant.”

Deterrence and prevention are paramount issues for those responsible for commercial properties, but the challenges are difficult. Physical security measures such as fences, gates, alarms, and on-security personnel can help tremendously, but do not fully prevent theft.

And the addition of security video cameras is a significant boost to deterrence, but they still cannot actively prevent thieves from carrying out thefts and burglaries.

Something more is needed.

The Problem With Security Cameras

Traditional security video is a passive system. In other words, while it can record crimes as they occur, all this does is allow owners and others to view the video footage after the crime has been committed. Identifying and even apprehending criminals is possible, but not likely. 

And, although the mere presence of cameras can act as a deterrent, determined criminals will simply dodge the cameras or cover their faces to be unidentifiable.

But cameras by themselves cannot engage with or interact with criminals. 

Some properties have the resources to monitor some video cameras live during working hours or more, but even this is somewhat limited. Typically, not all the areas of a property are monitored and there is likely no active monitoring taking place at night and weekends when most theft occurs.

The vast majority of business and commercial properties, however, cannot afford to have paid security personnel stationed in front of a few video monitors all day.

What is needed is a security surveillance system that allows for enhanced monitoring in real-time as well as the ability to engage and interact with individuals on camera.

Smart Video Monitoring and Engagement

Smart video monitoring uses sensors on cameras that ideally monitor all accessible areas of a property. In addition to providing HD video surveillance 24 hours a day, it includes live video surveillance technicians monitoring in real-time.

But that’s not all.

In addition, the camera network in this enhanced security environment has sensors to create an interactive security system using artificial intelligence (AI) software to detect potential threats in real-time.

The enhanced security video system alerts highly trained personnel who respond to deter potential theft and other crimes. These technicians can see the actual threat to a property in real-time, can assess the situation, and then take appropriate action.

In other words, a smart video monitoring system enables users to stop criminal actions by deterring thieves, trespassers, and other unauthorized individuals, in a proactive and real-time manner. This is achieved using loudspeakers that allow monitoring technicians to issue verbal warnings and intervene with threats. 

The good news is that your existing security camera system can be integrated with our revolutionary solution to resolve your security camera limitations problem. And it only costs a fraction of traditional security guard services.

A Smart Theft Deterrence Solution for Your Security System

Blue Eye has developed unique AI software that detects potential threats to your property and a system that alerts our highly trained Video Surveillance Technicians (VSTs) within seconds who can then respond in real-time.

Our proprietary security system solution integrates artificial intelligence with human interaction to provide a safe and reliable video surveillance monitoring solution that utilizes your existing security cameras.

And, if you don’t have cameras, we can assist you in finding the optimum installation solution.

At our Command Center, VSTs utilize our Computer Vision-assisted technology to protect your business property. This is where our VSTs receive alarms and employ real-time responses for a wide variety of business properties.

Even with global clients, each individual alarm is assessed live, in real-time, and responded to according to that property owner’s desired protocol.

Our customized approach allows each client to have the flexibility of adapting their security system to meet the unique needs of their business and their facility.

Ready for real-time deterrence for your business security system?

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