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Remote Guarding

At first glance, it appears there are two main approaches to securing your property. You can either choose to have security personnel on-site to patrol and monitor the grounds, or you can choose a video camera system. Guards provide an immediate response to incidents but can be expensive and only cover as much ground as you have manpower. Cameras cover more territory and are more cost-effective but offer only passive surveillance. There is another option, however, that combines the best of both thanks to advanced technology.

Remote guarding offers the 24/7 monitoring of CCTV systems with the active response of trained, professional guards. Unlike passive video surveillance, remote security guards don’t just watch and record criminal activity as it occurs. Our AI technology can alert remote guards to a potential threat; then, they actively assess the situation and react accordingly to deter criminals. As one of the leading providers of remote guard security solutions, Blue Eye offers services that can keep your facilities safe by augmenting an existing camera system with our advanced technology.

How Remote Guarding Works

Utilizing a state-of-the-art video analytics system incorporating artificial intelligence, our remote security solution uses cameras around your facility to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. Where our system differs from passive remote surveillance is what happens the moment that activity is detected.

Software algorithms analyze the live feed. If a potential threat is positively identified by the artificial intelligence, it alerts one of our highly trained and experienced security officers in our remote monitoring facility. If the officer determines it to be a legitimate threat, he or she will take appropriate action to prevent or minimize any criminal activity. This may involve issuing a verbal warning over the camera system’s loudspeakers or notifying law enforcement.

The benefits of having remote guard security in this fashion are obvious. Traditional video camera systems do little to deter criminals who plan to smash and grab or obscure their identities. On-site security guards can’t be everywhere all at once. On the other hand, having cameras monitored by remote security guards who can react in real-time means there is a much better chance of a perpetrator being caught in the act. The near-immediate response means many acts of theft, trespassing or vandalism can be prevented or the damages minimized. With these solutions keeping a watchful eye on your property, you have proactive protection that doesn’t depend on a criminal being caught long after the damage has already been done.


Detection with the SmartHub

AI technology combined with human intelligence detects potential problems in real-time.

Active Intercept

We go beyond merely “observe and report” with live interaction and notification in real-time.

Proactive Prevention

We interact live with unwanted visitors to deter them from their current course of action.

Blue Eye combines the always-on nature of AI-enabled security cameras with human expertise. Choosing our solutions means your property will be watched tirelessly by advanced technology, with experienced professionals ready to react at a moment’s notice the instant trouble is detected. Best of all, we can provide remote perimeter protection through the CCTV cameras you already have installed throughout your facilities. You can set the protocols for what incidents warrant a response as well as how they should be handled. We give you the power to adapt your security measures to meet your individual needs.

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