Construction Site Remote Video Surveillance

Construction sites are some of the most appealing targets for thieves and vandals for a number of reasons. Often, there’s valuable equipment and materials left there overnight after crews have gone home. Because these jobsites tend to be in areas where there isn’t much infrastructure or foot traffic as of yet, there’s a much smaller chance of any illegal activity being discovered until it’s too late. This means builders and property owners can suffer heavy losses from theft as well as damage and risk to worker safety caused by vandalism.

It also bears saying that any of these losses could put your project in jeopardy of missing its schedule and/or budget milestones. Protecting these sites means having construction site remote video surveillance that goes beyond simply installing cameras, and this is exactly what Blue Eye offers.

Our construction site security monitoring does more than just record crime as it happens. When you choose our construction security monitoring solution, you’ll be able to stop such incidents as they happen and initiate the appropriate response from law enforcement in real time.

How Our Solutions Go Further

Traditional security camera systems may serve as a deterrent for crime or capture evidence that can be used to capture and prosecute criminals, but that’s not always enough. Our proprietary SmartHub technology goes beyond passively recording an incident as it occurs. This construction site security monitoring solution utilizes advanced AI to transform an existing camera system into an interactive virtual watchdog that actively responds to threats.

With this innovative construction site remote video surveillance setup, the SmartHub continuously monitors your property. When the AI detects any type of threat, it automatically alerts our Command Center. There, our highly trained Video Surveillance Technicians take charge of the situation. They begin monitoring the live feed from your camera to determine what, if any, intervention may be needed. This can range from a verbal warning over your system’s loudspeaker to contacting police.

Why Having Remote Surveillance Matters

When you have our construction site security monitoring solution set up at your next jobsite, you gain numerous benefits, including:

  • Protection from crime: Prevent theft and vandalism from cutting into your schedule and profitability by stopping crimes as they happen.
  • Insurance benefits: Satisfy the requirements of your insurance policy without the need to hire on-site security personnel.
  • Avoiding liability: Ensure everyone on your site is following proper safety protocols and identify those who don’t.
  • Immediate response: Dispatch law enforcement to the scene of the crime before criminals have a chance to flee.
  • Total coverage: Keep a watchful eye over your entire jobsite with 24/7 surveillance.

Why Choose Blue Eye?

By combining artificial and human intelligence, we offer the most complete construction security monitoring solution available on the market today. Our technology makes use of the camera system you already have installed on your site, transforming it into sensors that become the eyes and ears of your smart security system. You can rest easier knowing our trained professionals are ready around the clock to respond to any suspicious activity detected by our artificial intelligence. This means you can have security or law enforcement dispatched to your property within moments of the first sign of an intruder.

If you’re ready to learn more about how our systems can help make your construction site safer, reach out and speak with one of our representatives today. We can design the most effective solution to your needs.