Live Video Monitoring


Video Surveillance that combines AI technology with human intelligence
to prevent crime

Stop Crime Before It Happens

Blue Eye provides you with a better security solution through real-time, remote video monitoring. Take your existing camera system and add the Blue Eye Security Solution to stop criminal acts before they happen.

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It is a harsh reality that most video security systems are doing nothing more than passively recording a criminal act. Once this occurs, owners, managers, and security staff react to whatever video data is captured. But, by then, the crime has already occurred, and often little or nothing can be done.

Most security camera systems are not able to meet their full potential. Your camera system goes from being just for recording video evidence, to an actual proactive deterrent with our security camera monitoring service. We engage with any potential security threats to your property with 120 dB speakers and your existing CCTV cameras with our business alarm monitoring.

See How it Works

As a live video monitoring company, we use cutting-edge AI software to detect potential threats in seconds. It then alerts our highly trained remote guards to react, in real-time, to deter potential crimes. We could talk about all the great technology behind the scenes, but the video tells the story better. Check out the video to see how our commercial security monitoring works.

Actual videos of
crimes prevented

See how live notification to authorities prevents crime before it happens.

We interact in real-time with unwanted visitors and deter them from continuing their current course of action.

How our SmartHub Works

Your existing video surveillance is integrated with our SmartHub to turn your existing camera network into an active security system. With your cameras functioning as the sensors, our AI software inside the SmartHub watches your property for threats while you are away.

If a threat to your property’s virtual perimeter is detected, an alert is immediately sent to our Command Center. There one of our highly trained Video Surveillance Technicians (VSTs) respond. Your property is now being viewed in real-time by a VST who will assess the situation and take appropriate action. These actions can include a verbal warning issued over the 120 dB speakers or dispatching the police.

The result is a smart video surveillance system that brings the best of AI technology and live coverage together. In other words, it is a better security solution to onsite guards in challenging environments. Deploying Blue Eye’s system costs far less than hiring additional onsite guards.

Security Guard vs. Proactive Video Surveillance

Security Guard Considerations

  • The quality of a security guard can vary based on several factors. This can include your location, the company they work with, and whether or not they are armed.
  • The average hourly cost for a single guard is between $15 – $25 per hour and depends on your location. Factors like the risk level of the job or the experience of the guard could cause this to be higher.
  • Guards typically patrol a set route or are assigned to work in one location.
  • Unlike a network of video surveillance cameras, security guards can only monitor one place at any given time.
  • The training period of security guards can cause a lapse in security.

Proactive Video Surveillance Advantages

  • The cost of installing Blue Eye’s proactive video surveillance solution is much lower. We also provide more comprehensive coverage inside and outside your virtual perimeter than onsite security guards.
  • Our system provides proactive surveillance to all areas of your property simultaneously through the use of your existing video camera system.
  • By using a combination of AI software and human response we ensure that your property is never left unprotected. 
  • All Video Surveillance Technicians are trained to the same standard across all our centers.

Are you ready to up your security game?


Proactive by Design

We believe in proactive, hassle-free defense that leads to prevention

with the SmartHub

AI technology combined with human intelligence detects potential problems in real-time.


Going well beyond observe and report.
Live interaction and notification in real-time. “Attention, to the individual in the red shirt holding the crowbar.”


We interact live with unwanted visitors and deter them from continuing their current course of action.