Turning your existing camera network into an active real-time crime prevention security system.

At Blue Eye we focus on proactive theft prevention, in other words, we stop crime before it happens. We know there is no “one size fits all” solution for the diverse security needs experienced by businesses. Unless an area can be monitored completely every moment of the day and night, you are at risk. Below we discuss how your organization can use our interactive and real-time security system to prevent crime and protect your property, employees, and customers.


One of the responsibilities of property and business owners is maintaining security. That could involve mitigating or preventing burglary, theft, vandalism, or simply keeping loiterers off the property. It may involve safeguarding the security of tenants, customers, and employees, as well. 

One of the most common security tactics employed is to invest in a video surveillance system.

Unfortunately, many business owners and property managers become frustrated by the fact that the video surveillance system they purchased doesn’t prevent crime, but merely records it. So, they ask themselves, “What’s the point of spending all that money only to get videos of people stealing our property?”

At Blue Eye, we have the solution for turning your investment into a real-time, interactive security system.


Blue Eye’s unique approach to providing security for your site uses our proprietary SmartHub to turn your existing camera network into an active security system.

That means your cameras become the sensors and our AI software embedded inside the SmartHub “watches” your property for threats after hours or while you are away. If a threat is detected, an alert is immediately sent to our Command Center where our highly trained Video Surveillance Technicians (VSTs) take over. 

At this point, a live person is now viewing your property in real-time to assess the situation and take appropriate action. These responses may be a verbal warning over the loudspeaker, calling the police, or simply welcoming a resident home for the evening.

This approach of using both artificial and human intelligence allows for a safe and reliable solution while utilizing the cameras you already have installed. 

Our Command Center is where our VSTs protect your property. Unlike typical monitoring companies, our VSTs receive alerts and react to them in real-time for properties located throughout the world. Each alert is assessed and responded to according to the individual property owner’s protocol. This customized approach gives each owner the ability to adapt security measures to meet their individual needs.

Blue Eye can install the SmartHub with little or no disruption of your business and will usually be done in one day. Afterward, we will monitor and maintain the system for peak performance for the length of the contract.


cons of courtesy patrol
video security solutions for your business

A courtesy patrol does provide certain benefits. For example, the presence of security personnel can serve as a deterrent and, if needed, they can physically intervene if a threat of bodily injury or criminal act is imminent. 

However, this approach does require ongoing investment and these costs increase for a 24/7 security presence. There are also other downsides to a courtesy patrol:

  • Poor training can create liability issues
  • Obtaining additional insurance coverage
  • Issues of high-turnover and possible injuries

An AI technology-based security system is preferable to a courtesy patrol in most situations, however.

For example, video cameras don’t take breaks, fall asleep, or call in sick. 

  • Our proprietary system has the capability for processing analytics to trigger a response to a security protocol breach.
  • With the ability to detect the dwell time and direction of travel of individuals on camera using advanced AI technology, we also provide barrier detection and advanced, on-board speaker technology accessible by real-time video surveillance technicians.
  • Our personnel can issue audio warnings and reduce the risk of false alarms. In addition, the enhancement of AI technology can reduce the time needed for surveillance.

In other words, our solution provides you with an advanced video surveillance security system that offers the best of traditional approaches.

Our Video Surveillance Technician (VST) teams typically provide live monitoring when your business or offices are closed.

In addition to video monitoring using your existing security cameras and our AI software, we can use 120db speakers to address any perpetrators directly. This intervention tactic has been shown to end 99 percent of engagements.

If the intruders are not deterred, however, we will notify the local police or private security, depending on your stated preferences. We work with you to design a protocol that works for you and your schedule.


Traditional security cameras, or CCTV technology, also still falls short of an optimal solution.

Most security video systems provide sufficient visual coverage of a property. However, all they can do is record. If a crime or threat is captured on video, nothing can be done to prevent it. At most, security personnel can review the footage afterward, and the data may help police find and apprehend the perpetrators.

The Blue Eye smart video monitoring solution does far more than merely record what is happening on a site. Instead, the video feed is actively monitored, and unlike other security monitoring systems, our proprietary “smart” system utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the monitoring capabilities.


Our solution usually costs much less than half of what an on-site guard would cost. One source estimates that even the lowest-paid guard services in the U.S. can typically cost a facility between $6,000 and $8,000 per month.

Unlike traditional security cameras or other security technology services, we require minimal up-front installation costs.

Industries Served by Blue Eye 

Every brick-and-mortar enterprise requires some level of security. With the constant and growing threat of vandalism, theft, burglary, assault, and civil unrest, reliable security is an essential requirement for any business or commercial concern.

At Blue Eye, we provide our state-of-the-art security solution for a wide range of industries:

Cannabis Dispensary Security

Many cannabis dispensaries are prime targets for robberies for the cash held on the premises. In some instances, thieves managed to take between $20,000 to $50,000 in a heist.

Recent estimates indicate that more than 20 percent of cannabis dispensaries will be robbed or burglarized each month. In addition, civil unrest and protests have led to multiple break-ins and thefts of cannabis businesses.

Construction Site Security

It is estimated that indirect theft costs are as much as three times more than direct theft costs. Industry experts estimate annual losses at roughly $400 million in the United States.

Construction sites are frequently targeted by thieves for the high-value equipment left onsite such as materials, tools, and equipment. And the often general lack of security at many construction sites doesn’t help matters.

Chemical Plant Security

Chemical plants have stringent government security standards applied to them. By incorporating AI software technology, your security cameras also become detection and breach sensors, allowing your system to anticipate threats 24/7.

Using Blue Eye’s advanced, proprietary managed service platform for your CFATS performance standards needs, you can have a highly enhanced security network in place.

Learn more about chemical plant security.

Storage Facility Security

Most storage facilities will employ traditional security measures such as fences and security gates. Many facilities will also invest in CCTV cameras. 

But aside from the storage facility manager and perhaps a staff member or two, there is often no live surveillance or monitoring for security at most storage facilities. Especially at night.

Warehouse Security

Because of the costs involved for effective security measures, the decision to provide them is based on several factors. One is the value of the goods, products, or materials being warehoused.

Another is the perceived level of threat anticipated, which is, in turn, based on the location and likelihood of theft. Consequently, not every warehouse facility has the same level of security measures in place.

Apartment Complex Security

According to FBI crime statistics, burglary is the most common residential crime. In fact, an average of 1 out of 10 homes are burglarized each year. Unfortunately, this percentage may be higher for apartment complexes.

In addition, when crimes are committed at apartment complexes, many owners and managers are being sued for failing to provide sufficient security measures to mitigate the number of crimes occurring.


Smart Detection with Ami

AI technology combined with human intelligence detects potential problems in real-time.

Active Intercept

We go beyond merely “observe and report” with live interaction and notification in real-time.

Proactive Prevention

We interact live with unwanted visitors to deter them from their current course of action.

Blue Eye will install Ami with little to no disruption of your business and is usually done in one day. We will monitor and maintain the system for peak performance for the length of the contract. While we are securing your property, we are also checking your camera system and will alert you if any problems are found. We realize that you are probably not security camera experts so if there are issues, we can assist in getting qualified professionals for any needed repairs. We make the whole process simple and carefree.

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