Warehouse Video Surveillance

 Warehouses are tempting targets: Big spaces containing valuable inventory, they’re often left with little or no staffing during nonoperational hours.

That’s why warehouse video surveillance is essential, especially after hours. Modern warehouse surveillance systems can protect your products from theft and prevent potentially unsafe conditions from arising due to vandalism or other types of property damage.

Those reasons, along with the ability to monitor for employee safety, prevent in-house theft and ensure standard operating procedures, make warehouse video surveillance a must for business owners. In addressing the shortcomings of your after-hours surveillance, Blue Eye is your go-to resource.

More than just a camera network, Blue Eye turns warehouse video surveillance into an active, real-time crime prevention security system.

What’s Behind Blue Eye

Blue Eye’s aim is to prevent crime before it happens. Most warehouse surveillance systems merely record crime. Blue Eye uses our proprietary AI software to detect threats and alert our highly trained guards to react, deterring would-be criminals and vandals.

Simply, Blue Eye spots intruders and, using 120-db speakers, addresses them directly as they’re attempting to access your property. Our “voice from above” resolves 99& of Blue Eye’s engagements with intruders — and for the rest we contact the police or private security based on your preference.

Why Choose Blue Eye?

One of the best reasons to add Blue Eye’s services to your existing warehouse surveillance system is that Blue Eye takes what you already have and improves on it.

Blue Eye helps your system reach its full potential by monitoring, in real time, the images you’re capturing and acting in the moment rather than after the fact. Other surveillance services require the added expense of installing their camera equipment.

But what about other methods of warehouse surveillance?

Courtesy Patrols: While providing the benefit of a deterring presence and the ability to physically intervene, manned patrols are significantly more expensive than Blue Eye. High turnover and poor training create their own issues as well. Meanwhile, our AI won’t take breaks, fall asleep or call in sick, and our analytics can identify when surveillance is and isn’t needed, and recognize lapses in security protocol.

Traditional Camera Systems: At best, traditional systems have an employee eyeing a bank of monitors. At worst, they’re a resource to review after a crime has been committed in the hopes that their footage might lead to capturing the perpetrators. Blue Eye costs less than half of what an on-site guard typically does, and our live personnel get an assist from our “smart” AI-enhanced monitoring.

Reach Out to Blue Eye Now

If your priorities include cost efficiency, a quick upgrade and peace of mind regarding your warehouse and workers, Blue Eye should be your choice.

Our solution will mitigate or prevent burglary, theft and vandalism, and protect your tenants, employees, customers and property. Our tech support can help with things like manual camera adjustments and routine troubleshooting of Blue Eye gear. To unlock the potential of your current security camera network, reach out to Blue Eye today for more information or a quote.