Security issues for a property can range from theft or vandalism to break-ins, to even simply altercations on-site between residents in an apartment complex. And the specific security needs of a property can be extensively diverse.

Construction sites with equipment, scaffolding, and even large cranes must address theft, injury, and litigation issues with appropriate security measures.

Car dealerships not only have their buildings with offices and computer equipment but the more obvious rows of new vehicles that must sit outdoors in lots that are often unfenced.

Industrial facilities of all types have a variety of security issues that are often mandated by federal or state agencies, depending on the nature of the materials used or produced on-site.

And, in many states today, the cannabis industry, composed of legal cultivators and producers, must ensure the safety and security of their products and materials. 

In addition, large apartment complexes with hundreds and even thousands of residents must be kept safe 24/7 along with their property and the premises. All of these require a level of security that is often not feasible with guards due to both the costs of an extensive security guard service and often the limitations inherent with patrolling.

All of which is why most of these facilities, along with dozens of other types, employ the use of a security camera system. Unfortunately, that is too often not enough to ensure actual security.

Smart Video Monitoring: A Stealth Alternative

To fully understand the critical difference between a security camera system and “smart” video monitoring, it helps to think of camera systems as a passive approach. 

The vast majority of security cameras provide sufficient visual coverage of a property, however, all they can do is record. If nothing happens on a given day or night, there is nothing recorded worth seeing. If, however, a crime or threat is captured on video, nothing is done about it in the moment.

Property and security personnel will review the footage after the fact, and perhaps be able to use the data to help police find and apprehend the perpetrators. Or not. 

The key terms to consider here are “smart” and “monitoring.”

A smart video monitoring service does far more than merely record what is happening on a site 24 hours a day. Instead, the video feed is actively monitored during the entire time the security video system is active. In addition, unlike other security monitoring systems, a “smart” system utilizes artificial intelligence, or AI, to enhance the actual monitoring capabilities.

So, what does this look like in actual practice?

Watching a crime or security breach on a monitor after the fact provides little in the way of proactive security. A far better approach is to be able to monitor surveillance video and be able to take action in real-time.

A proprietary AI process can interpret activity being monitored on video, and even anticipate actions or potential threats. A smart video monitoring process takes security camera systems to an entirely new level of efficacy and deterrence. In other words, smart video monitoring becomes a truly proactive system. 

Furthermore, combining an AI analytical component with live surveillance personnel creates a powerful, real-time security system. Add to this an audio element in the form of a loudspeaker system, personnel also have the ability to interact live with unwanted visitors and deter them from continuing their current course of action.

So, the question you might have at this point is whether this is actually possible?

It is.

Employ Stealth Security With Smart Video Monitoring

At Blue Eye, we have solved the problem of security camera system limitations with our proprietary Blackbox technology that transforms existing security camera networks into active security systems. Your existing security cameras function as sensors for the Blackbox containing our AI software that actively “watches” your property for threats.

Our CV (Computer Vision) assisted technology combined with human intelligence detects potential problems in real-time.

Once a threat is detected, an alarm is immediately sent to our command center and our Video Surveillance Technicians (VSTs) monitor the video feed. Viewing the property in real-time, the VST can assess the situation and take appropriate action.

Almost 100 percent of the time the only action needed is a verbal warning given over a loudspeaker. With our 120db speakers, we can address the perpetrators directly, which has been shown to end 99 percent of incidents. In the rare instance that this action does not deter the threat, however, the local police or private security is called.

In addition, the cost of a video surveillance system enhanced with our “stealth” Blackbox technology is still only about a third of the cost of hiring a security guard service. 

Our proprietary method uses both artificial intelligence and human interaction, which provides a safe and reliable security solution utilizing your existing security cameras. And if you don’t have cameras yet, or want more of them, we can work with you to find the optimum installation solution.

At Blue Eye, we use our proprietary AI software to detect potential threats to your property. Within seconds the system alerts our highly trained Video Surveillance Technicians who react in real-time to deter potential crimes.

Ready to take your security to a stealth level?

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