Perimeter security has been a need since ancient times. Identified as a strategy of self-defense, it has proved to help protect empires and their people. Perimeter security means limiting the access to any area prohibited to the public, at a large scale. Its main purpose is to protect people and assets.

By using the five D’s of perimeter security you too can ensure your business is protected. The 5 D’s are: deter, detect, deny, delay, and defend.

As the world changes, security measures change to fit these five P’s needed to ensure perimeter protection. The growth of urbanized cities and other factors has called security itself be questioned. This has forced it to evolve along with the advancement of technology.

Having or building perimeter security transforms the defenses of any property. For this problem, organizations are seeking advanced solutions that are reliable, integrated, and budget-friendly. There are many types of perimeter security systems that manage large areas with multiple access points. These perimeter tools can provide benefits ranging from theft detection to preventing access of unauthorized personnel and more. 

Types of perimeter security that offer first-line defense are: 

  • CCTV Security System
  • Video Surveillance 
  • Access control
  • Motion detector
  • Electrified fences
  • Optical fiber detection systems
  • Ground-based radar system
  • Optical fiber detection systems
  • Microwave barriers 
  • Vibration sensors
  • Seismic sensors

5 D's of Perimeter Security: Detect - Deter - Deny - Delay - Defend

Layered Security Provides Better Security

A combination of systems can be used to effectively together and offer crime prevention. There are pros and cons to all of these. 

Facilities with fences might be threatened by criminals who try to jump over their perimeter to trespass. But they still can be crossed by a more determined criminal. Sensors are great to let you know more specifically where a criminal is trespassing. But again if your trespasser knows where they are, sensors can be avoided. 

Cameras, nowadays, can offer a high extreme level of detail. These improvements help to capture evidence in the case of trespassing and will help identify perpetrators. Adding an AI system on top of that provides for more accurate detection of intrusions within a business’s perimeter. Adding remote surveillance on top of the cameras and AI system turns all of that data into an actual security solution. 

A good security solution uses multiple layers of security to provide the best results. AI technology has stepped forward as a leader in improving the way your existing security solutions work together. A video surveillance system has become critical for perimeter security. It is now one of the most used security tools because of its benefits. 

Real-Time Video Surveillance: Tie Your Security Together

Fences, alarm systems, sensors, and even cameras are all great to have to provide a deterrent for your property. In most cases, they are even enough to protect your business from trespassers. They excel in either notifying you after the crime has already happened or as a physical barrier to someone accessing your property. 

Video surveillance is the tool that ties these all together. Your cameras are used as a sensor, recorder, and the eyes of a remote guard on your property. Your fence line becomes the point that your remote guards can keep people away from.

Now your security solution is more integrated. One that actually uses all of the tools you have set up for it. 

Advancements in technology has improved perimeter security by developing an intelligent and capable system for security detection. This response improves employees’ safety and offers protection to the company’s assets. It also helps the organization maintain its alliance with brand objectives. Overall, perimeter security helps us achieve what we want, a more effective security system and safety for everyone. 

Improve Your Perimeter Security With a Video Surveillance Solution

Improving your perimeter security doesn’t need to be costly or time-consuming to do. At Blue Eye, we have developed a unique AI software and system that detects potential threats to your business.

Our security system integrates artificial intelligence with human interaction. This provides a safe and reliable video surveillance solution that utilizes your existing security cameras.

At our Command Center, VSTs utilize our AI software to protect your business property. This is where our VSTs receive alarms and employ real-time responses for a wide variety of business properties.

All alarms are assessed in real-time and responded to according to that property owner’s desired protocol.

Our customized approach allows each client to have control over what they need from their security solution. We can adjust your protocol to meet the unique needs of your business and facilities.

Ready for a perimeter solution that brings you peace of mind?

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