Construction Security Removes Gate Hoppers

Protecting your construction project from theft is important. But setting up long-term security guards can be expensive and you never know how changes will affect your schedule Well, turning your cameras into a workhorse might be the best way to catch individuals like this one.


Getting In Is Easy, Leaving Not So Much.

This individual broke through the fence line for this project and started to root around. Our remote guard was quick to engage the trespasser with an aggressive audio message. The individual ran back to the fence after hearing the message Where they struggled to get over the gate. 


The Smart Way To Secure Your Construction Project. 

Our remote guard was able to catch and remove the trespasser with the help of Ami. Ami is a plug-and-play box that connects to your NVR. It turns your cameras into sensors that “watch” your property for intruders. When Ami catches someone on your property it sends an alert to our remote guards to review. The guard is able to quickly engage with the trespassers to remove them.


Construction Security That Works With You.

Switching to a remote guarding system is a smart, interactive security option that means no longer relying solely on passive video cameras and onsite security guards. And, as a “smart” solution, this alternative integrates both a high-tech solution and an intelligent solution.

A real-time surveillance solution is a far superior solution compared to only having a security patrol presence or even a traditional security video system. Because these limited technology video systems are simply passive recording devices, many facilities must also rely on having onsite security personnel, as well.

Put simply, this optimal security video system solution gives you the best of both worlds, but without the disadvantages.


And We Do So at a Surprisingly Affordable Price.

This is due, in part, because our system uses an AI-empowered, managed service platform that requires almost no up-front capital costs. And we use your own cameras so there are often no extra or additional hardware costs required.

Ready to Advance to a State of Smart Remote Guarding?

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