Don’t Let Your Self-Storage Facility be a Target

Self-storage facilities are one of the easiest locations to break into. They can be appealing due to no one being on the property at night. The possibility of high-value items being stored on-site and poor lighting can also make your storage facility a target.


The best security solutions are multi-level. Your lights, fences, and gate are your first level of security. Cameras and alarm systems are your second level. One of the biggest mistakes we see in self-storage security is that this is where it stops.


Developing a better solution can take a lot of time and money though. Sometimes we will see a storage facility hire a security patrol for a few months, but that is it. And what happens if the security patrol you hired doesn’t even stop crime from happening?


What you really need for your third layer of security is something that ties everything together. Something like proactive video surveillance.


What Proactive Video Surveillance Can Do

We caught these brazen trespassers trying to break into this storage facility. This facility is well-lit, fenced-in, and has a healthy amount of cameras. Even with all that, these potential criminals continued on with their break-ins.


It doesn’t even look like it was going very well for them.


Well, Ami saw the criminals as soon as they crossed the virtual perimeter. Ami notified our remote guard that there was someone on the property. Since this property is closed in the middle of the night it was very obvious that they needed to go.


The guard quickly engaged the trespassers with an aggressive audio message. Using one of the 120 dB speakers around the property, the guard described the clothing and activity of the criminals and told them to leave.


This removed the two to leave the property pretty quickly.


Protect Your Self-Storage Facility with Proactive Video Surveillance Today


Blue Eye uses one of the simplest forms of security to provide you with the best protection available. We add Ami to your pre-existing camera system to turn your system into a state-of-the-art security solution. The AI inside of Ami turns your cameras into real-time sensors, just waiting for someone to cross your virtual perimeter. This creates a “smart” solution for your self-storage facility.


We then blend this technology with highly trained remote guards to create a better security experience for you. Our remote guards get an alert from Ami anytime someone crosses over your virtual perimeter. The guard can then respond to the situation as needed. This all happens in a matter of seconds. When a crime can happen in a couple of minutes, seconds count.


This optimal security video system solution gives you the best of both worlds without the disadvantages.


And We Do So at a Surprisingly Affordable Price.


This is due, in part, because our system uses an AI-empowered, managed service platform that requires almost no up-front capital costs. And we use your own cameras so there are often no extra or additional hardware costs required.


Ready to Advance to a State of Smart Remote Guarding?


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