Security is a critical component to running a successful, profitable business. As experts in commercial security, Blue Eye Monitoring specializes in providing an extremely effective, highly capable technical security solution. When considering security, a company will need to consider options from traditional guard-based security, a technology solution, such as CCTV, or a hybrid solution, employing both. The capabilities needed are deterrence (signage of security, visible guard presence), and intervention.


Many businesses choose a guard option. Security guards have a role in security but there are drawbacks to guard-based security. A security guard provides an obvious deterrence capability. People can see the security presence when they are on site. However, labor can be prohibitively expensive if you need a guard full time .

If the business has a large area to cover (auto dealership, apartment complex, construction site, solar farm, etc.), the business will need a team to provide complete coverage of the property. Even with an effective patrol, there will be gaps in coverage that criminals can exploit. Unless a guard actually sees a security breach, they cannot respond.

In general, guards provide limited capability at a high price.


Technology can provide an effective security option. However, not all security technology options provide the best capabilities. A traditional high definition CCTV system only records events and does not provide an intervention capability.

A recent Good Morning America airing documented a theft at an auto dealership where the CCTV system recorded in high definition thieves stealing twelve cars resulting in a loss of nearly $500,000 to the business. The CCTV system performed perfectly – it recorded the loss but did nothing to stop it.

An effective technology solution needs to include analytics that will trigger an immediate response to any breach in security protocol. Loss should be prevented, not recorded. The analytic capability should go beyond simple motion detection. An ideal technology security solution should have analytics to detect dwell time, direction of travel, barrier detection, etc.

Once a security protocol is breached, say a person loitering at an access point at 3am, the analytics should be capable of triggering an intervention response. An immediate response provides a virtual “live-guard” presence, where security personnel can react and respond in an instant.

Blue Eye Monitoring provides our clients an intervention capability via our “Intercept Technology,” coupled with our Video Surveillance Technicians (VST) at our Command Center. Our “Intercept Technology” enables our system to classify objects, crowd formation, line crossing, direction of travel, dwell time, etc. Once a protocol is breached, our system alerts our VSTs at our command center, who then react immediately.

The immediate response we employ is based upon the client’s security instructions. Most often, our VSTs “voice down” via installed loudspeakers – “To the man in the black hoodie, you are being monitored and recorded live.” Our immediate “voice down” response almost always results in the suspect leaving the premises with no loss or damage to the client site. If the perpetrator fails to respond, we will dispatch on-site guards or local police.


When it comes to live guards vs. technology, there are many things to consider. The optimum solution is one that provides deterrence and intervention that a live guard provides, and full site protection that a technology solution provides. Simply, you are looking for the best of both worlds.

The Blue Eye Monitoring solution provides that best of both worlds at a surprisingly affordable cost. Our solution is a managed service platform, requiring no up-front capital costs. We manage the entire system including all recurring maintenance, for a very reasonable monthly fee. With our service, the client has permission-based 24/7 access to our cameras, accessible via smartphone, computer or tablet.

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