Bad Things Happen to Good Properties

While the vast majority of commercial buildings and facilities escape any serious break-ins or other crimes, activities such as vandalism, petty theft, and burglaries still occur. In fact, the FBI recently estimated that of all the roughly 2.5 million burglaries that occur each year, 34 percent of these are commercial property break-ins. The other 66 percent are home burglaries.

“There are three commercial burglaries every 120 seconds.”

This means there are almost 850,000 burglaries of some type committed against stores, office buildings, industrial units, car lots, and so on. And, unfortunately, police solve only about 13 percent of reported burglary cases due to lack of a witness or physical evidence.

Which is one reason why security cameras can be beneficial.

Assessing the Benefits and Downsides of Security Cameras

When most people think of security systems for commercial properties they tend to think of security guard services and alarm systems. And for good reason. 

The most visible evidence of a security system is the presence of roving guards or mobile patrols. And, while these have their benefits, not every business can support the expense of live guards on site. As a result, almost all properties have some type of alarm system. 

Security alarms are the staple of Hollywood movies and TV shows that bring an added edge of suspense and drama to tales of crime and espionage. In real life, they bring a solid element of deterrence in most security environments. 

Then there are the security cameras. Once a high-priced option and a bit of a novelty, these passive security tools have gone mainstream and – for residential use, at least – have become relatively affordable and easy to install. 

Not so much for commercial purposes.

Here is a brief overview of the “pros and cons” of using security cameras.

Benefits of Security Cameras

Deter Crime

Perhaps the most obvious and, for some people, the most valuable benefit of using security cameras is their deterrence factor. Although this is a topic debated in academic circles, most law enforcement officials agree, as do surveys of convicted burglars, that visible security cameras do work to deter most crime. 

Complete Field of Coverage

Having enough cameras installed in strategic places can allow for complete and comprehensive visual coverage of a property. Many state-of-the-art security cameras are equipped with not only high-quality video capabilities but with audio recording functions as well. High definition images coupled with audio can make them invaluable for recording events.

Document Events

Whether it is a major crime or simply a minor instance of trespassing or vandalism, security cameras can record it, which then makes it possible to investigate and possibly allow for the identification and apprehension of the perpetrator.

Downsides of Security Cameras

Can be Costly

Quality security camera systems can cost thousands of dollars to purchase depending on the features and the number of cameras and monitoring systems you need. In addition to the cost of cameras and materials, having them professionally installed and maintained means investing literally thousands of dollars.

They are Vulnerable

Professional criminals can usually find a way to disable, disconnect, or simply destroy a camera in order to avoid detection or identification. If the number of cameras are too few, or the visual range obstructed or limited, determined thieves and others can often skirt detection altogether. And, in some cases, criminals have been known to hack security camera systems via the Internet. 

Can’t Stop a Threat

Unfortunately, passive security camera systems only allow users to record footage for later viewing. While this may help law enforcement to find and apprehend criminals, it cannot stop a crime when it is in progress. They cannot intervene with criminals in real-time, nor alert the police as an alarm system might.

Employ Stealth Security With Smart Video Monitoring

At Blue Eye, we have solved the problem of security camera system downsides.

Our proprietary Blackbox technology can transform your existing security camera network into an active security system. Your security cameras can function as sensors for the Blackbox containing our AI software that actively “watches” your property for threats.

Our CV (Computer Vision) assisted technology combined with human intelligence detects potential problems in real-time.

The only action typically needed is a verbal warning given over a loudspeaker. With our 120db speakers, we can address the perpetrators directly, which has been shown to end 99 percent of incidents. In the rare instance that this action does not deter the threat, however, we call local police or private security depending on your preferences.

In addition, the cost of a video surveillance system enhanced with our “stealth” Blackbox technology is still only about a third of the cost of hiring a security guard service. 

Our proprietary AI software detects potential threats to your property and, within seconds, the system alerts our highly trained Video Surveillance Technicians who then react in real-time to deter potential crimes.

Our unique system uses your existing security cameras. If you don’t have cameras yet, or want more of them, we can work with you to find the optimum installation solution.

Call us today at 855.258.3662 or email us at [email protected]. Let us design an effective solution for your business!