Security for Your Apartment Building

Apartment security is a lot more than locking doors or installing some cameras. It is what happens after those things are done that counts.

This person was trying to enter this apartment building in the middle of the night. Seeing an adult on a bike was a red flag for us, but this is an apartment building, things can happen. When they couldn’t get through the door, that’s when our remote guard acted.


Providing You with a Modern Security Solution

Ami “saw” a trespasser trying to enter the property. Ami is our mighty AI software in a tiny box. After seeing the trespasser, it notified one of our remote guards. This guard responded by issuing a descriptive audio message to remove the trespasser.

Check out this other video of how we removed a drug user from a different apartment building.


Bring Home Better Apartment Security

Blue Eye uses one of the simplest forms of security to provide you with the best protection available. We use your pre-existing camera system and add Ami. The AI inside of Ami turns your cameras into real-time sensors, just waiting for someone to cross your virtual perimeter. This creates a “smart” solution for your apartment building. Remote guards provide an alternative that integrates both a high-tech solution and an intelligent solution.

A remote guard solution is a far superior solution compared to only having a security patrol presence or even a traditional security video system. Because these limited technology video systems are simply passive recording devices, many facilities must also rely on having onsite security personnel, as well.

This optimal security video system solution gives you the best of both worlds, but without the disadvantages.


And We Do So at a Surprisingly Affordable Price.

This is due, in part, because our system uses an AI-empowered, managed service platform that requires almost no up-front capital costs. And we use your own cameras so there are often no extra or additional hardware costs required.


Ready to Advance to a State of Smart Remote Guarding?

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