Car Dealership Video Monitoring

Car dealerships have some unique challenges when it comes to protecting their assets. While stores that sell other big-ticket items such as computers and televisions can lock these items behind doors, auto dealers have to leave their inventory out in the open by necessity. This means cars and trucks are vulnerable to theft and vandalism, especially after-hours when employees are not present. Although car dealership security systems that include video cameras can offer some protection, they may not be enough to prevent every incident.

That’s where Blue Eye can help. Our proactive car dealership video monitoring solution transforms your existing network of cameras into an active, real-time crime prevention system. Read on to learn more about how our AI-enhanced technology can keep your lot safe.

Advanced AI Video Surveillance for Car Dealerships

Traditional car dealership security systems featuring cameras may be enough to deter some criminals, but those brazen enough to commit their crimes anyway will find nothing else standing in their way. A recording of a crime in progress may be enough to be used as evidence to catch and prosecute an offender, but by that point the damage has been done.

What sets our car dealership video monitoring apart is the unique nature of our proactive AI software. Using the cameras you already have installed around your property, our proprietary Ami system keeps a watchful eye out for any suspicious activity. When a threat is discovered, it automatically alerts the professionals in our Command Center.

Having a trained professional monitoring the situation live means your system does more than simply record what’s happening. Our Video Surveillance Technicians call upon their training and experience to assess the situation and determine the most appropriate course of action. Responses can include issuing a verbal warning over the cameras’ built-in loudspeaker or alerting law enforcement. You can provide our technicians with guidance as to which responses are warranted for every given scenario to create a fully customized car dealership video monitoring protocol to meet your exact needs.

How Our Services Benefit You

When you choose Blue Eye to provide automotive dealership real-time video monitoring, you gain numerous benefits. Beyond preventing theft and vandalism, you also can receive detailed reports and analytics to help you make better-informed decisions about your security needs. You also may be eligible for savings on your insurance policies, depending on what your provider offers. That’s because many policies consider active video monitoring systems such as ours a suitable replacement for on-site security guards.

Compared to passive video surveillance, our services also result in faster response times thanks to our live, around-the-clock monitoring capabilities. There’s always a trained professional on call to respond to any suspicious activity in or around your site.

Why Choose Blue Eye?

Traditional security systems offer a watchful eye over your property, but that’s about all. Our technology, on the other hand, provides an active response that matches the threat level as determined by our trained professionals. With human and machine intelligence working together 24/7, you can rest assured any threats will be dealt with promptly and in the most appropriate manner.

Our state-of-the-art surveillance systems are available for a wide range of industries. To learn more about our technology and insights from our industry experts, click here for our blog or here for some FAQs. To get in touch with one of our representatives to get started on securing your dealership with our advanced solution, reach out today.