Traditionally and, in fact, since the beginning of known history, guarding and securing a property required measures and personnel in place on the property. This has been true whether it is the need to guard a person, a palace, a perimeter, or even a nation. 

Remote guarding can almost seem to be an oxymoron or, at the very least, incredibly counter-intuitive. How can one guard a business or facility from somewhere else?

Of course, many of us are aware of security systems that make use of CCTV video and alarm systems that are monitored off-site. And, as far as it goes, this is a type of remote guarding. 

But advanced remote guarding goes far beyond that.

Advanced Remote Guarding and Why It Matters

Advanced remote guarding involves more than simply monitoring security video camera feeds from a security office somewhere offsite. Of course, even this security monitoring arrangement is far more effective than most existing set ups.

What do we mean by that?

Almost every business and commercial facility makes use of some form of security technology. And, while technology can provide an effective security option, not all security technology options provide the best capabilities.

For example, a traditional high-definition CCTV system can only record events and has no capability for providing some form of intervention.

As one security director was quoted in a Yahoo! Finance article,

“As we’ve seen, security cameras do little to deter criminals. Crooks know they are on camera so they wear clothing that makes it hard to identify who they are.”

This situation is true for residential security dependent on video surveillance, as well. 

According to a resident quoted in a news story from one midwestern town,

“‘I see people — this is a busy road — roaming up and down the road. It puts me on high alert. Instantly. We have Ring cameras all over the outside, but that doesn’t stop them.’ Like many cities, people living in Blue Springs said they have noticed an increase in crime, especially in the last few years.”

These stories simply illustrate the distressing reality that is inherent in every passive video surveillance system installed everywhere: that they are passive and cannot actively deter crime. In other words, they cannot intervene nor engage with a perpetrator. This can only be achieved through the use of an advanced remote guarding system.

And what, exactly, is remote guarding?

According to a description offered up by Wikipedia,

“Remote guarding is a proactive security system combining CCTV video cameras, video analytics, alarms, monitoring centers, and security agents.”

And what we are referring to here as an “advanced” system requires a smart element.

Upgrading to an Advanced Remote Guarding Solution

The clear benefit and advantage of having security guards onsite is the very present and potent deterrence element. In addition, if needed, a security office can engage with an individual and intervene to prevent a criminal act. 

Your video camera won’t do that. 

Unless your video surveillance system has been upgraded to serve as an advanced, “smart” remote guarding solution, that is.

So, how does that work, you might ask?

In simple terms, potential threats are spotted by your existing cameras and are then analyzed in real-time by software algorithms based on predefined criteria. Once a potential event has been positively identified by the software, a security officer located in a remote monitoring facility is alerted.

This trained agent then analyzes the threat and, if deemed necessary, will take appropriate action immediately to prevent or minimize a criminal act or damage from occurring.

This action can include issuing a verbal warning to the perpetrator through the onsite security video system and alerting local law enforcement or a contracted security service, if needed.

The good news is that you can obtain this type of upgrade for your own security system.

An Innovative and Reliable Remote Guarding Security Solution Alternative

Switching to a remote guarding system is a smart, interactive security option that means no longer relying solely on passive video cameras and onsite security guards. And, as a “smart” solution, this alternative integrates both a high-tech solution and an intelligent solution. 

A live remote guarding system from Blue Eye will provide the deterrence and intervention that a traditional video surveillance system can never achieve. And it can even replace the use of onsite security personnel, and do so at an affordable price – all while providing comprehensive coverage using advanced video technology.

The deterrence and intervention capabilities include the ability to issue audio warnings, which can reduce the risk of false alarms. In addition, our proprietary AI technology reduces the time required for surveillance.

A live remote monitoring solution is a far superior solution compared to only having a security patrol presence or even a traditional security video system. Because these limited technology video systems are simply passive recording devices, many facilities must also rely on having onsite security personnel, as well.

Put simply, this optimal security video system solution gives you the best of both worlds, but without the disadvantages.

And we do so at a surprisingly affordable price.

This is due, in part, because our system uses an AI-empowered, managed service platform that requires almost no up-front capital costs. And we use your own cameras so there are often no extra or additional hardware costs required.

Ready to advance to a state of smart remote guarding?

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