While we’re always willing to advise or help out where we can, our technicians aren’t always able to solve every technical issue you may encounter at your location. Here’s a brief list of the things we can generally help you with and another list of issues you’ll likely need to find your own technician to help with.

What can Blue Eye help you with:

  • Troubleshooting your Blue Eye Server.
  • Troubleshooting speaker problems.
  • Editing DVR/NVR and/or IP camera settings depending on the equipment in question.
  • Equipment recommendations.
  • Resolving issues inadvertently caused by Blue Eye technicians during installation/troubleshooting.

What Blue Eye isn’t able to help you with:

  • Troubleshooting your own equipment (cameras, DVR/NVRs, etc.)
  • Replacing your own equipment.
  • Diagnosing local network issues.
  • Pulling footage outside of monitoring hours.
  • Adding or removing cameras from your network or DVR/NVR.