If your business currently uses security cameras to protect your premises and your property, you already know the benefits.

They’re far less expensive month-to-month than hiring a security guard service. And they never need a break or fall asleep. With today’s hi-tech equipment you can also have relatively small, lightweight yet high-quality video cameras on site. And the image quality can be superb. In addition, just having cameras visible on your premises can often serve as an effective yet passive deterrent.

But, you also know there are some distinct disadvantages.

Real-Time Recording Only Shows You What Happened

There is perhaps little that is more frustrating than to be the victim of a business property crime and only being able to watch the event after the fact. You can see the perpetrator, watch the act of theft or vandalism, maybe even see a license plate, or get a clear view of a face. But the crime has already been committed and it’s unlikely the criminal will be caught.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Uniform Crime Reports, property crime is defined as larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and burglary. All of these crimes can involve the unlawful taking of money or property without the use of force or threat of force against the victims. These are also the types of crimes often recorded by security cameras.

According to the FBI’s reports, 

“Burglary involves the unlawful entry into a structure such as a home or business. According to the FBI, there were a reported 6,925,677 property crime offenses in the United States in 2019, down 4.1 percent from 2018. The rate of property crimes was 2,109.9 per 100,000 inhabitants, down 4.5 percent from 2018. Property crimes in 2019 cost $15.8 billion. Larceny-theft accounted for the largest share of total property crimes in 2019, 73.4 percent of all property crimes. Burglary accounted for 16.1 percent, and motor vehicle theft for 10.4 percent.”

While it is true that in some instances, the mere presence of security cameras may deter or dissuade criminals from acting. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and, in many instances, the perpetrators either fail to notice or simply disregard the cameras.

And, as a business owner or facilities manager, you are also helpless to prevent crimes from happening even while they are being videotaped. 

What’s Needed: Security Cameras That Provide Real-Time Deterrence

In an ideal security world, cameras would monitor every area of a business’s property and provide high definition surveillance 24/7. In addition, they would also be able to stop criminal actions by deterring thieves, trespassers, and other unauthorized individuals, in a proactive and real-time manner.  

The camera network in this enhanced security environment would be more than passive tools that simply record. They would act as sensors in an active security system that would use artificial intelligence (AI) software for detecting potential threats in real-time.

In addition, these security camera “sensors” would alert live, highly trained surveillance monitors who react in real-time to deter potential crimes. These technicians would then see the actual threat to the property in real-time and be able to assess the situation and take appropriate action.

Imagine an intelligent, stealth security system that not only employed video cameras along with human video monitoring technicians but also utilized loudspeakers that would allow the human monitoring technicians to give verbal warnings to intervene with threats. 

And, imagine a system like this, yet only costs a fraction of what a traditional security guard service would entail. 

Fortunately, your existing security camera system can become a “smart” real-time deterrence for your business. Blue Eye offers a revolutionary solution for your security camera limitations problem. 

Real-Time Deterrence Solution for Your Security Camera System

Our proprietary system solution uses both artificial intelligence and human interaction, providing a safe and reliable security solution that utilizes your existing security cameras. And if you don’t have cameras yet, or you want more of them, we can assist you in finding the optimum installation solution.

Blue Eye’s unique AI software detects potential threats to your business property and the system alerts our highly trained Video Surveillance Technicians (VSTs) within seconds who then react in real-time to deter potential crimes.

It’s in our Command Center where the VSTs utilize our CV, or Computer Vision, assisted technology to protect your business property. It’s here that our VSTs receive alarms and employ real-time responses for a wide variety of business properties.

And, although our client’s properties are located across the globe, each individual alarm can be assessed live, in real-time, and responded to according to that property owner’s desired protocol.

It is this customized approach that allows each client the ability to adapt their security system to meet the unique needs of their business and their facility.

Ready for real-time deterrence for your business security system?

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