Guards have been around for thousands of years, with our earliest records dating back to ancient Egypt.  Video surveillance is much more recent, first being used in the early 60’s to protect Thai royalty during a visit to England. Lastly cyber security has seen a huge boom during the digital era to protect our virtual identity and information.

For protecting properties, cyber security doesn’t really apply itself well to preventing crime and the best way to secure a property still relies on the age-old craft of using guards with some combination of modern video surveillance.

The reason for this is, while much of our lives become more automated, there is still a need for a human presence now more than ever for protection. Unfortunately, this is an outdated and flawed approach that is unable to serve businesses consistently and effectively in the 21st century.  For example, to help apartment managers create a secure and peaceful environment for their tenants, apartment companies will hire a guard to help protect vital areas during off-limit hours to reduce disturbances and increase tenant satisfaction.  The problem with this, is that a guard cannot be in more than one place at a time.  How does Officer Smith protect the garage or parking area from a theft in progress, when he is busy checking in on the pool area and tenant office? Even the more vigilant security officer can be avoided if the potential criminal is even remotely observant.

On the other hand, video surveillance can be everywhere at once and great for investigations but doesn’t provide a means to actively thwart a crime or would be criminal from acting in the first place.  This is usually because most CCTV systems are locked away in dusty network closets with no one watching them until something happens after the fact.  This puts businesses in a bind who want to use their security budget effectively to prevent issues from happening in the first place.  A top of the line, amazing 4K video system will do little for your customer or tenant after a crime has been committed, and even in the rare circumstance they are able to find some resolution from the CCTV footage, it still leaves them with the discomfort and bad taste of being wronged.

This is where Blue Eye comes in.  We’ve managed to marry the best of these worlds into one platform that ensures your business can be protected in real-time, while at the same time not sacrificing coverage.  By using a sophisticated AI “black box” server, we can work in unison with whatever CCTV system you have while installing loud speakers throughout key points in the property to quickly alert us of any activity and address whatever is happening in real-time. “To the individual in the black hoodie, leave the property immediately, the police are on their way