One source noted that Indirect theft costs are often three times higher than direct theft costs. And most construction sites offer an attractive target for thieves because of the high-value items that often remain on a site including materials, tools, and equipment. 

And the often general lack of security at many construction sites doesn’t help matters.

According to the Great American Insurance Group website,

“Industry experts estimate annual losses at roughly $400 million in the United States. Many of these stolen items fall under insurance deductibles, so the contractor bears the brunt of the loss.”

It probably goes without saying that construction site security is essential for protecting a contractor’s property. With the large amount of expensive equipment and materials at risk, construction sites are commonly targeted for theft and vandalism.

Putting better site security systems in place to protect against property damage and construction site theft can save companies time and money.

Improving Your Construction Site Security Systems

One of the overriding concerns for most companies and construction site managers is the safety of their workers. Injuries are not uncommon, and the loss of productivity and subsequent costs of disability can become a financial drain on a project.

However, there are other threats to the productivity and cost-efficiency of a construction firm.


Potential thieves commonly target power tools, lumber, and copper as well as other metals. And, in some cases, thieves will even steal heavy equipment and other large tools and appliances.

In addition to the burglary and grand theft incidents propagated by outside elements, construction companies also need to guard against employee theft, which can occur much more easily if no construction site security measures are in place.


While not always as costly as theft, vandalism of equipment, vehicles, and tools can still put a slow-down on productivity for possible clean up or repairs. In addition, newly constructed buildings may be targeted for graffiti, random acts of destruction, and other types of damage.

Traditional methods of security measures are still necessary and should never be dismissed or overlooked. 

These include the installation of secure perimeter fences, sufficient lighting with motion sensors, audible alarm systems, and even on-site security personnel. In addition, keeping all equipment locked, secured, and – if possible – disabled to prevent use by unauthorized individuals.

And a high-quality video surveillance system that is set up to provide full coverage of the site is an absolutely essential security measure.

But all these measures can, unfortunately, be overcome by experienced and determined thieves. 

The video cameras, while they may record the criminals and their actions as they occur, can do nothing to prevent or stop them. If you’re lucky there may be enough visual evidence to possibly identify individuals or vehicles used during a theft. However, more often than not, the best they can do is provide a video record of the act long after it has happened.

What is needed is some form of live monitoring.

A Smart Surveillance Solution: Live Remote Monitoring for Construction Sites

Even though the presence of security cameras can act as a passive deterrent to criminals, cameras alone are not always enough to keep theft from happening. But the addition of live remote monitoring combined with a video surveillance system incorporating smart technology, or artificial intelligence (AI), can take site security to an advanced level.

Smart technology integrated into an existing video surveillance system can transform it from a passive system into an interactive system. In other words, pairing artificial intelligence with human oversight can provide the ability for real-time intervention.

This is what our proprietary smart security monitoring system achieves for construction sites and other facilities. By using AI-enhanced technology, our Blue Eye system can monitor video feeds in real-time to identify suspicious events, activities, and specific behaviors.

And, once a threat or breach has been identified, our highly-trained operators can verbally interact through an on-site speaker system. Our engagement and intervention in real-time can deter trespassers or thieves while alerts are generated and sent to the local police or security team.

Improve Your Construction Site Security with Blue Eye

AI video surveillance monitoring is the perfect solution to provide live monitoring, deterrence, and intervention for the enhanced security your construction site needs and at a cost-effective price.

Blue Eye’s AI-enhanced video provides the ability to issue audio warnings, which prevents or deters crime, and minimizes the risk of false alarms. In addition, our AI technology can reduce the time needed for surveillance.

A construction site security video monitoring system is far more preferable to most any other security solution without video. But existing security video technology still falls short of an ideal solution, which is why other costly security measures are still needed most of the time.

However, an ideal solution is a security video system that gives you the best security benefits without disadvantages.

Blue Eye offers a solution that provides just that. And at a surprisingly affordable price.

Our solution is an AI-empowered managed service platform that requires no up-front capital costs. Give us a call at 855.258.3662 or email us at [email protected] and let us design an effective solution for your business!