Businesses of all types require some level of security.

And it is a fiscal reality that most small businesses cannot manage the financial burden of live, on-site security personnel. The average cost for businesses using security guards can be substantial according to one source,

“Rates vary based on whether the security guards are armed, how risky the particular job is, and what type of field experience the security guard has. Nationwide, the average hourly rate for a security guard is $15-$25 per hour, but costs can be much higher based on a variety of factors.”

Some retail businesses selling luxury or high-cost goods such as jewelry hire a security guard to protect against theft and provide greater security for employees and customers.

In other business environments, guards specialize in helping retailers prevent shoplifting or theft by employees. Security guards can actively monitor customers, act as a theft deterrent by their mere presence, and ensure that all entry and exit points remain secured.

These types of security services typically average between $15 and $45 per hour in the US.

While physical security of buildings, facilities, equipment, and employees is critical, perhaps the number one reason businesses choose a video security solution is to prevent theft. 

A 2020 report from the National Retail Federation (NRF) revealed that,

“Theft, fraud and losses from other retail “shrink” totaled $61.7 billion in 2019, up from $50.6 billion the year before as industry security executives reported increases in the number of shoplifting, organized retail crime and employee theft incidents, according to the annual National Retail Security Survey released by the National Retail Federation.”

Theft deterrence and prevention are priorities for those responsible for commercial properties, but the challenges are constant. And, while physical security measures such as fences, gates, alarms, and security personnel can help a great deal, they do not fully prevent theft.

This is why choosing a video security solution for your business is essential.

An Eye in the Sky – What to Look for in a Video Security Solution

There are several key elements that business owners and property managers need to consider before choosing a video surveillance system for their business.

Type of Camera

There are two main types of cameras for video surveillance systems: analog and internet protocol (IP). An analog camera is a traditional camera used in CCTV systems. It typically sends video over cable to DVRs. IP cameras, on the other hand, are digital cameras and networked devices that capture images in high resolution. They send signals that are stored in the network. 

Type of Storage

There are three types of video data storage options for video surveillance systems: NVR, DVR and hybrid. DVR, or digital video recorder, is used with analog cameras. An NVR is a network video recorder used with IP cameras. A hybrid system combines analog and IP cameras.

Type of Features

Various features that may be needed with your video surveillance system can include:

  • Smart Motion Detection
  • Night Vision
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ)
  • Analytics
  • 24/7 Alerts

Areas That Need Video Surveillance

The location of a camera can determine the type of camera needed. For example, to monitor an exterior doorway, an outdoor camera with motion detection and PTZ functionality may be optimal.

The top locations for business video security cameras include:

  • Front and Back Doors
  • Building Perimeters
  • Reception Areas
  • Storerooms
  • Work Areas
  • Secluded Areas


Smaller businesses with only limited access and few unsecured areas may only need a few cameras. Many video camera surveillance systems are engineered to be user-friendly and simple to install. Larger facilities with multiple entrances or multiple buildings will likely require a professional installation to ensure optimal coverage.


Pricing for a video security system for your business depends on several factors. Here are recent estimates from some online sources:

“A business or commercial security system costs $1,000 to $2,500 for four cameras and hardware, $300 to $500 for installation and activation, with monthly alarm monitoring fees of $50 to $150 on average.” –

“You’ll pay between $1,000 and $10,000, $3,000 being the average. This range assumes that you’re securing just one business location; if you need the system for more locations, your costs will be higher. Once you obtain hardware, it needs to be installed and activated, and these tasks are best left to the pros. You’ll likely pay $300 to $700, with an average of $500, for installation and activation.” –

The Problem with Video Surveillance Security Cameras

Acquiring a suitable video security solution for your business can be a significant improvement for deterrence, but video cameras cannot actively prevent thieves from committing thefts and burglaries.

And this is especially critical “after hours”.

Traditional video surveillance is a passive system, which simply means that it can only record crimes as they occur. While this does allow business owners or managers to view the video footage after the crime has been committed, the loss has still occurred.

 A far better solution would be a security surveillance system that provides enhanced, live monitoring in real-time, as well the functionality to engage and interact with individuals being monitored.

The good news is this better solution is available to you today.

Your new or existing security camera system can be integrated with Blue Eye’s proprietary smart solution to eliminate your security camera limitations. And all at a fraction of traditional security guard services.

A Smart Video Security Solution for Your Business

Blue Eye accomplishes this with our unique AI software that detects potential threats to your property and a system that alerts our highly trained Video Surveillance Technicians (VSTs) within seconds who can then respond in real-time.

Our proprietary security system solution integrates artificial intelligence (AI) with real-time human monitoring to provide a safe and reliable video surveillance monitoring solution.

We simply integrate our system with your existing video camera system or, if you don’t have cameras yet, we can assist you in finding the best installation solution.

At our Command Center, VSTs utilize our Computer Vision-assisted technology to protect your business property. This is where our VSTs receive alarms and employ real-time responses for a wide variety of business properties.

Our customized approach allows each client to have the flexibility of adapting their security system to meet the unique needs of their business and their facility.

Ready for real-time deterrence for your business security system?

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