Apartment building owners and property managers are tasked with many things, but the safety and security of their tenants is paramount. And apartment complex security solutions tend to be exponential in their complexity.

Which is to say, the larger the apartment complex, the larger the security burden. Or another way to look at it: the more people there are to keep safe and secure on your property, the more complex the challenges for doing so successfully. 

Security Video – The “Gold Standard’ of Security Solutions?

It is almost a given for many multi-resident complex owners and managers that a security camera system is necessary. In fact, the reasons for having quality video cameras go far beyond security.

A comprehensive system of video cameras on-site offers a strong sense of safety for residents, for example. And, in addition to the more obvious security purposes, obtaining and having access to a digital visual record of events can be crucial for liability reasons. 

When it comes to security use, visible cameras installed throughout an apartment complex can serve as a passive deterrent to potential criminal activity. And the captured video footage may be useful for the identification and possible apprehension of a perpetrator.

In addition to video surveillance, apartment complex security solutions can include live security personnel in some capacity. The options here range from on-site, uniformed guards posted at key locations throughout a complex, to a scheduled check from a mobile security service during the nighttime hours.  

On-site security personnel or periodic “roving” security services are certainly helpful, but without the 24/7 presence of video cameras covering all essential areas, these other components have severe limitations.

Apartment Complex Security Considerations for Video Surveillance

Generally speaking, it is legal for property owners to install and use surveillance cameras at an apartment complex if they are visible. Often, a posted warning or advisory notice can be required.

One aspect to be aware of, however, is the concept of “reasonable expectation of privacy” which is usually not an issue but should be noted. It is illegal to take video surveillance of individuals in locations that would warrant “expected privacy.”

These can include:

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Changing Rooms
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Showers

You can, however, install cameras to monitor activities in the outdoor areas including entrances and exits, driveways, parking areas, common areas, pools, and so on. In other words, any space outside of individual rental units and considered “public” can be monitored.

Installed video cameras should be visible to avoid issues hidden or “spy” cameras anywhere on private property. Posted notifications that cameras are in use along with a clause to your lease or rental agreement can be a good idea.

In terms of enhanced security, there is a school of thought advocating that visible cameras and prominent notifications act as deterrents to illegal or prohibited activity.

Use of Audio Recording With Video

Many commercial video surveillance systems include audio capability, which can potentially present a legal concern. According to the federal wiretap act, it is illegal to record someone’s communications without their knowledge and consent. This can include video surveillance with audio recording capabilities. 

Again, posting notifications and advising tenants verbally and in writing may be sufficient in many states. That’s because when previously notified tenants choose to have a conversation in front of the cameras, that is usually considered consent. In some states, however, you must have the consent of all parties involved.

Why a “Gold Standard” Security Solution Isn’t Enough

When It comes to choosing the best option among your apartment complex security solutions, the typical approaches can fall short. This is because live security personnel have physical and logistical limitations. And surveillance video systems are not immune to shortcomings either:

  • Camera visibility and range can be limited.
  • Cameras cannot take action to stop or deter threats.
  • Cameras can be vandalized or disabled.

This is why having an option of a “Platinum Standard” would be ideal. Fortunately, this is a real option for property owners and managers.

Our proprietary Blackbox technology can transform your existing camera network into an interactive security system. Your apartment building’s cameras become sensors and our artificial intelligence, or AI, software allows those cameras to actively monitor your property for illegal or prohibited activity. Our AI process provides the system with analytics processing which can trigger a response to a security threat.

If a threat is detected, an alarm is immediately sent to our command center where our highly trained Video Surveillance Technicians (VSTs) can see your property in real-time, assess the situation, and take appropriate action.

And, best of all, the entire system solution is far more affordable than a live security guard presence on-site.

With Blue Eye as your security partner, our approach of using both artificial and human intelligence provides a safe and comfortable solution utilizing the cameras you already have installed.

Your Ultimate Apartment Complex Solution Partner

Blue Eye can integrate our proprietary smart security solution into your existing video camera system. The AI Blackbox technology allows it to distinguish a person from an animal and the alert feature isn’t triggered by motion such as wind-blown tree branches.

Along with barrier detection, it provides advanced, on-board speaker technology that is accessible in real-time by our highly trained Video Surveillance Technicians to issue audio warnings. This means engaging and interacting in real-time with unwanted visitors to deter them from their course of action.

Blue Eye offers the optimal security system solution for your facility.

Our remote video surveillance service costs about 50 percent less than a security guard service and can cover multiple parts of a site at the same time, often from vantage points that aren’t easily accessible to a guard.

Blue Eye can provide you with a solution that provides just that. And at a surprisingly affordable price. Our solution is an AI-empowered managed service platform that requires no up-front capital costs.

Give us a call at 855.258.3662 or email us at [email protected]. Let us design an effective solution for your business!